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Bookcrossing, Sharing Joy of Reading


      "Bookcrossing" originated in the sixties or seventies of last century in Europe when people would label their books and drop them off in any public place when they finished reading. Anyone else could pick the book up and read it and then leave it in a public place again. This practice allowed the book to continue to crossing from reader to reader. This way of sharing books, letting knowledge spread, was a beautiful practice! 

      To further the construction of our campus reading atmosphere and to encourage our students to share the joy of reading, let's implement the spreading of knowledge in this way at our school, too! The school would like to start a "Bookcrossing" culture around campus. So we welcome the students to let their books "crossing" from home to campus and back, between readers:  
      1. There are no limitations for the "crossing" period, quantity of books, or the types of books. The children are free to choose and decide to "crossing" their books to the school no matter the number of books and no matter how long or short of a time they want to leave them to be passed from reader to reader.  
      2. Please label any "crossing" books with your child's name and class before bringing them to school.  
      3. Please turn "crossing" books in to the class teachers and teachers will register the name and number.   

      All the bookcrossing to the school will be integrated into each class or school library. 

      We welcome our parents and students to participate in this 'sharing of knowledge' activity! Thank you very much!  

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May 14,2015

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