Allow children to mature into educated tal.
ented global citizens with an understanding
of western and Chinese cultures.
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Welcome to our school!

Any student above 4.5 years old can apply. For expatriate children , we can offer assistance for visa application.

About Us

Founded in 2003, Futian International & Fine Arts School (FIFA) has been operated by the Hong Kong Ngai Lam College Education Group since 2006. Our school is committed to upholding the educational philosophy of “developing lifelong learners through arts and humanities”, educating our students to be well-rounded global citizens and future leaders drawing on the best of Western and Chinese values. In 2012, an International Department was established within the school, which created a full English immersive learning environment by adopting the American Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as the basis of its curriculum. Using English as its teaching medium, this curriculum also foregrounds arts as a way to enrich students’ learning experiences. All of these educational elements support us to continuously improve the quality of education being offered by our school. Additionally, our curriculum also embraces our cultural identity as a Chinese, hence Chinese literature as a subject is also considered an important place in our curriculum, compared with other international schools.

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  Name:Futian International and Fine Arts school
Add: Tairan Sq.,Xiasha,Futian Dist.,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, zip code 518048
Tel:0755 - 3336 0103/ 0755 - 3336-0211 (Admissions Office)